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Special Vehicle Developments

Paranoid’s Special Vehicle Developments Department does exactly what it says on the tin; it designs, engineers and build vehicles to customers’ specifications.Whether for personal, commercial or governmental users, we’ve built vehicles that serve all over the world, from vets’ surgeries to camera vehicles, from mobile hospitals to flood defence vehicles.

We are happy to work from an initial idea or concept, drawing up the detailed CAD designs and providing guidance and advice to deliver your dream vehicle, within budget, and on time.

The Process

The Paranoid Special Vehicles department draws on the unique skills and services of the other teams within the Paranoid Industries group.

A project usually starts in the Design Department. Led by our Chief Engineer Will Anderson, the Design Team use the very latest 3D CAD software to create an innovative solution to deliver on customers’ unique requirements.

The CAD drawings are then passed to our Manufacturing Team, where the parts and components are precision cut, folded and machined. The team use the very latest Fiber Laser cutters and Press Brakes from TRUMPF, the worlds leader in this field. This gives a manufacturing tolerance of 0.1mm, and the ability to cut through 25mm steel with complete precision.

Our Fabrication Team take these components and bring them together using the most appropriate bonding technology. Whether it’s one of our computerised welding methods or a bonding and rivet solution, they apply their craftsmanship and years of experience to match the tolerances of the Manufacturing Team.

Before the components are incorporated into the completed vehicle, they pass to our Finishing Team. Here, the most durable final coating is applied. This could be anything from a super-durable coloured power coat to a textured, matt or gloss traditional paint finish. Each finish is selected to deliver to teh customer’s exact vehicle requirements.

With the bespoke vehicle beginning to take shape, the Automotive Team taker over. Equipped with heavy duty systems and the latest computerised diagnostic tools, the components from the Fabrication team are incorporated into the customer’s unique vehicle.

Once complete, handover is completed by our Cheif Engineer, who takes the time to run the customer through every aspect of the finished vehicle, ensuring the customer understand not only why we’ve done what we have, but how.